Slaves to the Many
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Slaves of the Many is a single-player fantasy game. You can control a grid wich represents diffrent states in a randomly generated, non persistent world.

Slaves of the Many is still in development, but many features have already been implemented.

  • The world is randomly generated.
  • Your personal settings and score persists as long as you like.
  • Use spells to alter the states on the grid.
    • Defend yourself against attacks from hostile civilizations.
    • more...
  • Play in a world with as many squares as your machine can handle.
    • Play without plot restrictions.
  • The combat model so far uses your skills, basic ai, individual units, material properties and basic close combat.
  • A basic environment model, so far including weather, water, earthquakes and vulcanos.
  • Add your own creatures(pictures of them), music or sound via modifiable files.